BCIHL’s Miners led by KIJHL alumni

Chase Heat alum Gavin Mattel (18) goes hard to the net during BCIHL action. Logan Lake Miners photo


Tomorrow the Logan Lake Miners will compete in the British Columbia Intercollegiate Hockey League’s Championship tournament. The Miners won two of their 20 games this season and will face the No. 4 Simon Fraser University Red Leafs, with the winner deciding the final team for the four-team playoff bracket. 

The Miners have five KIJHL alumni – Gavin Mattey (Chase Heat), Jordan Lario (Gordon Rockets), Presley Gordon (Nelson Leafs/100 Mile House Wranglers), Harrison Ewert and Cole Senum (Kamloops Storm). Mattey, Lario and Gordon are part of the Miners’ leadership group. Ewert and Senum have each played three games.

Mattey, playing in his second season of college hockey, led the Miners in goals (17), assists (16) for 33 points in 18 games. He played for Portage College in the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference, where he had eight points in 16 games. 

Lario and Gordon shared what it’s like being part of the Miners leadership in a short Q&A. Their responses have been edited.


Jordan Lario 

What has it been like for you to be part of the Miners leadership group this season?

Knowing the program is in its second year, that was a big reason I wanted to come. Being part of the group lets me help contribute to the future of the team and I am lucky enough to have other leadership guys with experiences from other leagues before coming to the Miners as well. We get different perspectives and ways at looking to do things.


What are the things that you like to do to be a strong leader?

I like to get to know the guys in terms of their backgrounds and what they are taking in school. That gives me connections with them and they can talk to me about whatever they want. Even though I am a team leader, I lead by example as a rookie and have jobs to do. If the guys don’t see me doing it, they will get the impression they don’t have to either.


How does your experience of having captained the Golden Rockets help you?

That really prepared me for being a leader on this team. It’s a little more challenging because I have to balance school with it, but it’s a lot of help having four other guys who know how to lead. If I have a hard week and need to take a step back, I know that they will not have a problem with that at all.

How do you feel that you have been playing in terms of contributing offensively? What was it like for you to record your first college hat-trick? (Lario finished second on the team with 29 points in 18 games)

I have been trying to work more on my defensive game. There are so many good players that know how to score. That being said, I felt like my offensive play has been good because I have earned a lot of scoring chances. However, I always say I need to put more in the net. Playing with Gavin Mattey and Durias Sam (12 points in 13 games) has been a big help offensively because I know we will find each other. Scoring my first hat-trick was just a show of the guys I play with. Darius had an amazing backhand pass to me in the slot and Gavin just made two amazing plays off the wall to give me the chances to score. It would have been super nice if we came out of that game a win, but still a memory I won’t forget.


Presley Gordon

What has it been like for you to be part of the Miners leadership group?

It’s been a real learning experience and I’ve also had a sense of pride. We are a new team and a new group and I have seen the progress from the start to now and that has made me excited for the future.


What are the things that you like to do to be a strong leader?

I first like to try and lead by example starting in practice as one of the first to start drills. I practice at game speed and work on the little things. I also like to communicate with my teammates, one-on-one to build relationships and see where they are at. I also like to set a standard at practice which can hopefully work for our games.


What are things you learned from previous captains and assistant captains on teams you have played on that you use in your role?

The attitude of the captain determines the attitude of the team. There’s a difference when a captain is pumped up motivating the troops as opposed to one who has low energy and is negative. Also, captains do things that might not show on the stat sheet, but help the team, as well as defending their teammates.


How do you feel about how you have been playing in your first season of college hockey?

I think my start has been good. They’re always parts of the hockey season that have their challenges, but I’ve liked my progress and have seen the positives. In every season I always try to get better and be better than at the start. I’m excited for what lies ahead and I believe our team has a lot of potential and we are trying to get better every day which makes me very excited about this group.