Education Spotlight

L.V. Rogers Secondary School

Recognizing the unique position it occupies within the community. As the only senior secondary school serving the immediate area, the staff and administration appreciate the necessity for developing educational programs that are responsive to the social and economic conditions of the district.

To this end, the school aims to: 

  • Provide an atmosphere conducive to individual growth so that students  develop intellectually, physically, socially, culturally, and emotionally; 
  • Facilitate the development of self-confidence, emotional well-being, responsibility, excellence, dependability, honesty, and respect; 
  • Provide the opportunity to acquire skills that will enable the student to become a life-long learner and contribute effectively to society; and 
  • Provide information and encouraging the growth of decision-making and problem solving skills that will enable students to make effective personal choices.

L.V. Rogers Secondary School encourages each student to achieve excellence in all areas, and to develop their individual potential. The school attempts to ensure that students are equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to function effectively in society. 



Selkirk College

Feel at home in our classrooms and communities, nestled within the welcoming West Kootenay and Boundary regions. Since 1966, Selkirk College has been providing innovative and unique learning opportunities through 60+ nationally recognized programs.

2370 Full-Time Students in Eight Locations

Selkirk College is also home to over 311 international students, from 26 countries, studying in 25 program areas and 127 Aboriginal learners study in more than 30 program areas. Selkirk College also offers transfer courses that enable students to transfer to a university to pursue their degree. The college is located in a world-class outdoor setting that provides incredible recreational opportunities for students in both their studies and leisure time.

Economic Activity & Employment

Selkirk College’s total economic effect including operations, student spending and student productivity provides the region 198.2 Million. The college employs 352 full-time equivalent employees. Learn more about Selkirk College’s annual reports and statements.

The Academic & Life Experience

Selkirk is a leader in environmental sustainability and has implemented initiatives that improve campus life, surrounding communities and the health of the environment. The college is also home to the Regional Innovation Chair in Rural Economic Development, the Selkirk College Geospatial Research Centre, the Rural Development Institute (in partnership with Columbia Basin Trust) and the Mir Centre for Peace. Selkirk College delivers exemplary teaching and outstanding learning experiences.

BC’s Oldest Community College

Selkirk is not only BC’s oldest regional college but the first created through a community referendum. The very first day of classes at Selkirk College were held in temporary buildings, abandoned bunkhouses at Celgar, a local pulp and paper mill. It was September 1966 but the college’s roots trace back to 1964 – 1965, during which discussions and forums finally resulted in a regional vote in favour of funding BC’s first regional college.

Many of our trades programs have been in continuous operation on the present day Silver King Campus of Selkirk College since 1964 when the facility was then called the British Columbia Vocational School. It was the first such institute in BC and it officially became part of Selkirk College in 1975.



Nelson Leafs Scholarship Program

Last Season Over $5000 was awarded to Nelson Leafs Players commitment to education.