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Trophy Town

A documentary of Trail’s 1939 and 1961 World Championship teams.

The Nelson Civic Theatre will show a 7:00 pm show on Wednesday, December 1st and a 4:00 pm
screening on Thursday, December 2nd. (It is only 60 minutes long, so if necessary a second 8:30 pm
screening may be added on Wednesday.

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Trophy Town is the untold epic story of the Trail Smoke Eaters, a rag-tag team of amateurs who went
on to defeat the world’s most daunting adversaries on the biggest stage against the greatest odds!
This classic David and Goliath story is set in the remote mountainous mining community of Trail, BC.
The Smoke Eaters, a team in the rough and tumble Western Hockey League, win the opportunity to play
for Canada in the World Hockey Championships – not once, but twice!! And on both occasions, the team
faced off with dangerous opponents. In 1938 against the Germans in Berlin before the start of the
second World War and 23 years later against the Soviet Union during the darkest days of the Cold War
when the world was on the edge of nuclear apocalypse.

Along the way they made headlines, dazzling the Europeans with their mix of athletic prowess and
swagger, winning international respect and fans by the thousands who packed rinks to behold the star
power of these exotic Canadians.