Nelson Leafs continue multi-media partnership with local teen’s company

2hzProductions, owned and operated by 17-year-old Aidan Palinka, has boosted club’s webcast and social media presence, says Head Coach Adam DiBella.


The Nelson Leafs are happy to announce that the team will continue partnership with 2hzProductions.

2hz is locally owned and operated by 17-year-old Aidan Palinka. Aidan has been with the team since the 2018/2019 season.

“You can really see the progression of our webcast and social medias since having Aidan working with the team,” says Head Coach Adam DiBella, “We feel very fortunate to have someone who is from Nelson producing exceptionally professional content.”

2hz will continue to work directly with our social media team producing and generating posters, videos, and additional content as well as managing our website.

This content will help connect our fans and followers of the team to our day to day operations.

2hzProductions focuses on audio and video post-production work with future plans to provide high quality live streaming setup and assistance.

For anyone wishing to work with Aidan and 2hzProductions, he can be reached at