Recycling Centre

The Nelson Leafs Recycling Centre (Bottle Depot) is located in the Star Transfer building at 120 Silica in Nelson. The building is just by the entrance to Cottonwood Creek Park across the bridge from Nelson Ford. The depot has been providing beverage container recycling services for the Nelson Area since 1982. As the need for recycling has grown so too has the bottle depot. As an authorized Encorp Pacific (Canada) depot, the Leafs Recycling Centre accepts and refunds full deposit on literally hundreds of beverage containers, including glass and plastic bottles, aluminium pop cans, apple and tomato juice tins, bag-in-a-box and pouch containers, drink cartons and plastic jugs.

In addition to managing non-alcoholic beverage containers, in October 2001 Encorp Pacific (Canada) won the contract to manage wine, spirits, and imported beer and cooler containers. As a result, the Leafs Recycling Centre now pays full refund on all alcoholic beverage containers falling within the Encorp Pacific (Canada) management system.

For specific information concerning beverage containers that fall within the Encorp Pacific (Canada) management system, please visit the following links:

The Nelson Leafs Recycling Centre also accepts domestic refillable glass beer bottles and aluminum beer cans that fall under the stewardship of Brewers Distributors Ltd., a company owned by Molson and Labatt Breweries. It is important to understand that the Nelson Leafs Recycling Centre cannot pay full refund on BDL products as BDL does not yet pay a handling fee for the containers we collect on their behalf. Prices paid vary, so please enquire at the depot if you have any questions, but keep in mind that 100% of the bottle depot’s net profit goes to supporting the Nelson Leafs.

Introducing: Electronic Recycling

The Nelson Leafs Recycling Centre is pleased to announce our new electronics recycling program. We now accept a number of electronic items at the depot, including computer equipment and televisions. For complete information on this exciting new program, including a list of the electronics products accepted, please visit the Encorp Pacific web site at

With these new efforts, the Nelson Leafs Recycling Centre is on its way to becoming Nelson’s one-stop recycling centre, offering greater public convenience for general product recycling.

If your group is considering a bottle drive, the Recycling Centre can help with supplies and information that will help expedite the return process. Please don’t hesitate to ask for our assistance. Also, keep in mind that when you’re returning containers to the Recycling Centre they must be clean, all lids removed, and the labels left on and intact.

Our Depot Hours are:

  • Tuesday – Saturday 9:00 am – 3:45 pm
  • Closed on Sundays, Mondays and Holidays

Want to raise some quick funds for your group or organization and also help the environment? Give the manager Greg St. George a call today at 250-354-4922 at the Nelson Leafs Recycling Centre and see how a Recycling Bottle Drive can benefit your organization.

We have a great brochure, supplies and also hockey players to assist you which will help make the job even more exciting and helpful for the people involved!

And remember, when you support the Nelson Leafs Recycling Centre, you support the Nelson Leafs and the Kootenay Lake Hospital Foundation!

Thanks for your support!

Nelson Leafs Recycling Centre (Bottle Depot)
120 Silica St. Nelson, BC
(250) 354-4922